Allergy-Friendly Flooring

Choose allergy-friendly flooring for your next home project

Should I Choose Carpet or Hardwood?

When deciding on new flooring for your home, you'll definitely have questions about which product will work best for you. One of the most important considerations is allergies. Combatting household allergies can sometimes be an issue, but there are flooring options to make this easier.

Living with Carpet and Allergies

Carpeting inherently collects dust, dirt, hair, fur and can even be a home for mold and mildew in a damp environment. While daily vacuuming and regular carpet cleaning can greatly reduce the number of allergens hidden in the weave, it will never eliminate them. If you decide on using rugs, small area rugs that can be placed in a washing machine will harbor the least amount of allergens after being cleaned.

Hardwoods Can Help

While a damaged wood floor that has been part of a home for fifty years or more can harbor odrs, mold, and dirt, a new hardwood floor offers excellent longevity and the ability to reduce the amount of airborne allergens. A wood floor that has been maintained allows the owner to easily sweep up dust, pollen, and fur on a daily basis. With a proper installation, even dust mites will find it hard to hide in seams that have been sealed. For the homeowner who only pictures the traditional thin strip oak flooring and considers wood floors a boring option, consider the many different species of wood available. Pine, maple, hickory, and some exotic types such as walnut offer a variety of color, grain, and finish.

Laminate Can Save on Cost

Featuring the appearance of a real wood floor, laminate flooring costs considerably less to install while providing that solid, hard surface that can easily be cleaned on a regular basis. However, check with the manufacturer that the product is low-VOC to reduce airborne irritants.

Go Green with Bamboo and Cork

For an eco-friendly choice, you can select bamboo or cork flooring. Both have similar performance characteristics to hardwood but are considered sustainable products because of their rapid growth and durability. You may be surprised and prefer the appearance of these still emerging flooring options.

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