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Wall to Wall Carpet Trends

Choosing flooring for your home is one of the most important decisions a homeowner can make. And to a great degree, the style and type of flooring you choose is determined by what activities will happen in that room.

Laminate or tile is the obvious choice for bathrooms and kitchens, where moisture and messes occur frequently. But bedrooms and living areas demand carpet, for a softer and more approachable feel.

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Carpet is the perfect surface for babies to learn to walk and for pets to relax in living room sunbeams. The softness of the carpet, combined with the pad below, is easy on bottoms and bare feet, making it a great place to play. And carpet has the additional advantage of hiding dirt in high-traffic areas.

These universal advantages have driven carpet trends for as long as it has been commercially available.

Patterned carpet flooring is a popular choice, and one that lends itself easily to your personal taste and décor. There is no limit to the amount of different styles, either. Neutral tones are great for disguising dirt and attracting buyers. Flamboyant colors are perfect for accenting your décor and letting your personality show.

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Carpets can take plenty of abuse, especially in entryways, living rooms and other high-traffic areas. Fortunately, regular vacuuming is usually sufficient to keep carpet flooring clean. And an occasional professional cleaning can help eliminate caked-on stains and keep your home looking nice and welcoming.

While carpet is certainly not waterproof, the market is flush with water-resistant carpet pads. That means that your carpet can dry, but the pad beneath will never collect liquid and therefore resist mold and mildew that tend to collect in very moist areas.

In addition to their great appearance and comfort, carpet is relatively durable and easy to replace when the time comes.

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