Interior Design Ideas Beltsville, MD

No matter if you are starting a project from scratch, refreshing a room or doing a remodel, every interior design project starts with an idea. There are a few things to consider, like how you will want the room to function after it is finished to how you will want it to look and feel. That’s where the inspiration will come in. At Contract Carpet One in Beltsville, MD, we want to help you expand upon your ideas with some easy tips. We also offer design and staging services and can work with you to achieve a finished room you’ll love. If you have a case of designer’s block or aren’t sure how to begin, we like to say the best is always to start simple. Check out our four easy and trendy tips to get started!


Bring it home

There are so many exotic and interesting places to take inspiration from. Starting with the floor, you can use exotic and eco-friendly materials like bamboo and cork to achieve a beautiful look you can feel good about. Once you have your floor in place, play up the look by accenting with accessories that feature a similar color or style palette.

Pack it in

Organization is much more than a bunch of plastic bins in the attic, it’s become an integral part of interior design. There are many ways to give organization a fashionable twist such as building cabinets or shelves under your staircase or hanging useful jars along the wall.

Brighten up

Any room can benefit from a little brightness, and color can add so much to a room. The best part is, it can show up in anything from window treatments to accent tables to pillows. A big way to brighten a room up is by unrolling an area rug, and we at Contract Carpet One can even bind and back a custom rug for you!

You above all

Arguably the most important tip of all, don’t hesitate to make your room your own. After all, it’s a place you’ll be looking at night and day for a long time. Make it a place you love by taking inspiration from your favorite things like fruits, brands, patterns or colors. Make the space your own.