Karastan Carpets

Soft carpets with an array of colors to pick from

Karastan Carpets an Rugs

When it comes to your floor, you went something that is reliable, sustainable, and worth the investment. Carpets have come a long way over the years, and brand names such as Karastan carpets & rugs have created softer and stronger carpets that you will love coming home to.

Pets and kids can be rough on your floors, but luckily Karastan carpets can stand up to the spills, messes, and everyday wear. Known for their quality backing, finishes, density, and strong carpet fibers, Karastan carpets have the resiliency of a hard surface floor. The high pile yarn and closeness of weaves are unlike any other carpet. In addition, the tightly twisted fibers provide stronger performance and higher density.

Karastan Carpet Colors

Your personal style is important, and Karastan carpets provide a variety of colors that are made with superior craftsmanship. Not to mention, you are able to choose between woven or tufted structures.

When you invest in a Karastan carpet, you will notice the difference between your traditional carpet. Years of spills and rough housing won’t have an effect on Karastan so you can spend more time enjoying the silky soft feel, and less time trying to get stains out.

Karastan Carpet Dealer

To learn more about Karastan Carpets and Rugs, as well as our variety of Karastan collections, contact Contract Carpet One Floor & Home today. Or, visit our showroom in Beltsville, MD. 

Karastan Carpets