Mudroom Flooring

LVT & Tile Flooring

Mudroom Flooring Options

The colors of spring can warm a heart, but there is one color that doesn’t. Dirt and water on your mudroom floor aren't appealing, and soon your floors may take on a worn out and dirty look even when they are clean. In order to prevent your mudroom floor from fading overtime, and losing its rich color, you need a high-performance product. 
LVT and tile floor are easily a homeowners favorite solutions to high traffic areas in a home. 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

LVT flooring provides the look and feel of real hardwood and tile, and is more budget friendly compared to the real flooring options. LVT floors allow you to have the appearance of hardwood in your mudroom, but you will never have to worry about fading, warping, cracking, or expanding. LVT floors are water resistant, and brands like COREtec and Invincible H20 are 100% waterproof. With an LVT floor your mudroom will maintain its classic hardwood look and feel for years without succumbing to water, mud, dirt, and other extremities tracked in from outside. 

Tile Flooring

LVT flooring is a great solution to a mudroom with lots going on. If you wat to retain a rich hardwood flooring look throughout your home, then LVT is the way to go. However, tile flooring is considered to be the most durable flooring option in the industry. Tile is naturally waterproof, resistant to stains, scuffs, scratches, and dents. Seeing that tile is installed in showers, you know that it is able to withstand whatever is tracked in from outside. Additionally, tile provides a natural and timeless look. It is incredibly versatile and can conform with changing home décor. 

LVT and tile flooring are the best of the best when it comes to durability and style. An LVT floor allows you to have strength as well as the look and feel of real tile and hardwood. On the other hand, tile flooring has a high resale value and is a lasting investment. Being naturally resistant to water, stains, and scratches, make it the most resilient floor available. Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong with either  LVT or tile floors for your mudroom. 

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