pet friendly flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring in Beltsville, MD

If you've had pets in your home, then you understand how hard it can be to clean up pet stains. When you choose the right flooring for your home, you can have cleaner floors and make messes easier to take care of. Whether you need to install flooring in one room, or you are renovating an entire house, choosing flooring that is pet friendly can make a big difference in your satisfaction with your home.

Vinyl Tile Is Essential to Consider

Vinyl tiles are so versatile, that it's impossible to ignore their value in a home that has pets. You can remove one tile at a time, making vinyl tile perfect if only a tile gets destroyed because of pet stains. Vinyl flooring is affordable, and you can now buy vinyl flooring that looks like wood or stone to keep your home pet friendly.

Bamboo Flooring is an Alternative to Hardwood Floors

When you are looking for a more affordable alternative to hardwood floors, bamboo flooring is an excellent choice. This type of flooring stands up to heavy traffic and pets, making bamboo flooring a great choice for homes that have animals. Bamboo flooring can be made to look like a wood floor, and it's a highly sustainable natural resource.

Painted Concrete Looks Great in Your Home

You can paint concrete or stain it in any variety of colors. This is an inexpensive and easy way to make your home floors more friendly for your pets. Messes are easy to clean up, and your pet won't be able to ruin the floor with their nails. Whether you choose to paint a pattern on your floor or you go with one solid color, a painted concrete floor will look beautiful in your home.

When you are looking at flooring options that are pet friendly, you can also consider carpets made out of natural fibers that are easier to clean. Carpets made from sisal fibers are simple to clean, and you can use a variety of flooring options to make your home pet friendly.