Shaw Hardwood

Shaw Hardwood at Contract Carpet One

There is a lot to love about Shaw Hardwood, including its wide selection of hardwood options and technological advances. Yes, hardwood floors can have technological advances, but more on the terms of strength, and durability. Shaw Hardwood has quickly become a favorite for many homeowners as a result its sustainability, durability, and warranty. 

Stabilitrek Core

Shaw’s Stabilitrek core is constructed from wood fibers for high performance. Shaw Hardwood durability is like no other hardwood floor due to its ability to hold up against climate changes and sub floor moisture. High traffic areas may have seemed like a no-no for hardwood floors, but Shaw Hardwood makes it possible to have a real hardwood finish in your kitchen, mudroom, or bathroom without warping and expanding. 

Dent and Impact Resistance / Scuffs

Similar to LVT floors, Shaw Hardwood is capable of resisting scuffing and dents. The Stabilitrek is able to resist denting 15% more than 7 ply Asian imports. Additionally, the Shaw’s ScufResist Platinum finish provides more strength by preventing scuffing on your hardwood. Overall, you are able to relax with Shaw’s hardwood in your home. As a result of the Stabilitrek and the patented finish, your hardwood floors will be looking younger for a lot longer. 

Another important feature about Shaw Hardwood is its warranty. The ScufResist Platinum finish offers a Lifetime Limited Wear Warranty. Shaw has confident in its products, and you should too because you are able to live on your hardwood floors and not have to worry about denting, scratching, and sustainability. 

Style/ Finish

Besides Shaw’s strength, the available styles and finishes can be implemented in any home décor. With a variety of colors and species, which includes Maple, Birch, Pine, Oak, Hickory, Walnut, Kupay, and Cherry, you aren’t short of options. 

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