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When you think of carpet do you immediately think of your old puke green floors from the 70’s or 80’s? Or that old warn out area rug downstairs in your basement with food stains and pet hair that are too difficult to get out? You may assume that all carpet and rugs look like this, and there is no way to prevent the stains and everyday wear and tears. However, at Contract Carpet One we guarantee that your next soft surface floor will change the way you think of carpets and rugs. It’s true, soft surface flooring has come a long way since those questionable colors from the 80’s, and if you are still trying to figure out where that stain came from on your rug it is time to upgrade. Whether you are looking for a specific brand like Lees or Karastan carpets, or custom area rugs, we have it all.

 If you love having a soft surface floor in your home, but you think it will end up being more of a hassle than enjoyable, we ask that you consider reading our latest articles on soft surface floors. You might be surprised how advanced carpet and rugs have become.

Top Carpet Brands

  • Stainmaster: Stain resistant carpet.

  • Karastan Carpets: Luxurious carpets that will last.

  • Lees: Lees Carpet are the most durable carpets to own. Worry less and relax more.

  • Carpet: Regardless of your flooring needs, Contract Carpet One has got you covered. When going in to the carpet buying process, here are some things to consider.

  • Lees Carpet: After shopping around, you’ve decided that carpet will be the next floor for you based on your needs, taste and lifestyle.

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