Stainmaster Carpets

Learn about the construction of Stainmaster carpets

Why Stainmaster Carpets?

Active families, kids, and pets can cause havoc to your floor, which is why stain resistant carpets are one of the most sought out floors. Sainmaster is North America’s best-known carpet brand and has built its reputation on trust. 

What is Stainmaster Carpet Made of?

The LotusFX Fiber Shield provides the carpet with its stain resistance and soil repellency. In addition, the Nylon 6.6 fibers are engineered for lasting color and wear prevention. The same fibers used in Stainmaster carpets are also used in seat belts and parachute chords. If these fibers are trusted in high stakes situations, you know they can be trusted to deliver a high-performance carpet. 

What Type of Carpet is Best for Dogs?

Another important feature to Stainmaster carpets is the breathable carpet cushion. This carpet cushion naturally emits water vapors, which get trapped in some carpet cushions and subfloors causing mold and mildew. The Stainmaster carpet cushions prevent spills from soaking into the carpet, carpet cushion, and subfloor. Also, clean-ups are easy because the cushion prevents stains from reappearing. 

Stainmaster Carpet Durability

All Stainmaster carpets are certified before being released to the public. However, Stainmaster’s requirements go beyond the industry standard. In fact, most carpet competitors won’t pass the certification tests. 

Finding the right carpet for your home shouldn’t mean compromise, to learn more about Stainmaster carpets, contact Contract Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit our showroom in Beltsville, MD.