Pet Friendly Flooring

What is the best flooring for pets?

What is the Best Flooring for Pets?

If you have a pet in your home, then you know how hard it can be to keep up with the maintenance of your floor. Unfortunately, if your floor isn’t stain resistant, durable, or pet proof, chances are your floor looks less than impressive. You shouldn’t have to wait to upgrade your floors to something more durable, especially when we offer stain and water resistant flooring options from Mannington, Tigressa, and Lees.

What Kind of Flooring is Best?


Having a hardwood floor in your home may be desirable, but it isn’t always the right choice when there are pets in the house. Some hardwood floors are more prone to scratches and stains than others. Nonetheless, Mannington offers the luxury vinyl Adura collection. This collection offers the same look and feel of natural hardwood floors. In addition, Adura is warmer and stronger than hardwood due to the ScratchResist Technology. This performance coating is an aluminum oxide which can stand up to the everyday wear like the claws of your cat or dog.

What Type of Carpet is Best for Dogs?

Tigressa H20

Though the hardwood look is timeless, carpets provide more comfort and are safer for pets. Your traditional carpet may lock in the stain and odors from your pets, but Tigressa H20 and Lees are pet proof carpets. 

Tigressa H20 is a Pet Proof carpet and offers a waterproof construction. This construction prevents liquids from soaking into the carpet padding and to the subfloor. Additionally, accidents are easy to clean and the carpet won’t retain the fibers of odors after cleaning.


Another carpet approved in homes with pets is Lees. Lees carpets are stain resistant and able to repel liquids 4x faster than traditional carpets. The everyday puppy messes, spills, and wear are no match for Lees. Not only does Lees provide double the density compared to standard carpets, but offers a 25 year Stain Warranty. 

Having a pet in your home doesn’t mean you have to settle with an ugly floor. Learn more about our pet approved carpets and luxury vinyl floors at Contract Carpet One Floor & Home or visit our showroom in Beltsville, MD.