Waterproof Basement Flooring

Invincible H20 and COREtec Plus

Waterproof Basement Flooring

Your basement floor sees a lot of action, especially with kids running around, making forts, playing floor hockey, and not caring about your flooring investment. Kids are supposed to have fun though, and a delicate floor in your basement shouldn’t prevent them from doing so. Nonetheless, you still want to your basement to reflect the rest of your homes personal style. LVT floors such as Invincible H20 and COREtec Plus are making it possible for you to have both strength and elegance in your basement.

What is The Best Flooring Option for a Cement Basement Floor?

Invincible H20 provides a 100% waterproof floor. In addition, the locking system completely locks out leaks. The rigid core and cork foundation provides quieter floors that can go over most existing floors; including cement. Most basements in homes have never been done, and the cement ground can be worrisome. Invincible H20 provides a comfortable LVT floor that is tough as nails, and the cork underlayment will prevent you from hearing the constant noise of kids running across the floor. Along with its durability, Invincible H20 also provides the rich look of high-end, handcrafted natural wood.

Best Basement Flooring Option

COREtec Plus is another great flooring option for your basement. This LVT floor is 100% waterproof and uses an innovative installation method to prevent liquids from seeping to the subfloor. Similar to Invincible H20, COREtec Plus also has a cork underlayment that ensures quieter and warmer floors that can be installed over wet areas without expanding or contracting. An additional benefit to COREtec Plus is that it is eco-friendly. This LVT floor is constructed of recycled bamboo dust and wood, limestone, and virgin PVC. COREtec Plus offers the XL, HD, Design, and Wide Plank collections for multiple design options.

Make your basement a safe and elegant area for your family to spend time with an LVT floor from Invincible H20 or COREtec Plus.

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