WPC Waterproof Flooring

Just like social media, flooring has trends as well. Waterproof Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) flooring has come into the spotlight with its durability, rigid core and comfort. Though these are just a few benefits of WPC flooring, its resemblance to wood, and beautiful finish put even the real hardwood, vinyl, and laminate to shame.

At our Contract Carpet One store, located in Beltsville, MD just outside Silver Spring, we have a wide selection of COREtec Plus, XL, HD, and Design. This brand has proven to be the go-to for WPC flooring. However, many may wonder what is so great about WPC flooring? 

Elegant Finish 

Having a tough reputation, many home owners may assume that WPC flooring is just another flooring option that looks the “rigid” part and less like and elegant floor. Although WPC is used more in basements and bathrooms because of its water-resistance, it fits in any room.  Because it doesn’t need expansion moldings nor an expansion gap it is perfect for large rooms or open areas. Looking at the pictures below it is apparent that the WPC is more than just “rigid” and “water-proof.”

Rigid Core/ Comfort

Having a quiet and cushioning hard surface floor is practically impossible. Those who choose a hard surface like laminate and hardwood are looking for comfort, but style. With WPC home owners get the best of both worlds. Its rigid core allows for longer and wider formats to be installed; but what really separates it from other flooring options is its cushioning, which absorbs sound and makes it quiet when walked on. 


As mentioned, WPC is known for being water-proof. Similar to vinyl flooring, WPC flooring locks out all water, which makes it perfect for areas at you house that has a lot of moisture. Yet, what makes it different from vinyl is its ability to go right over subfloors and hides any imperfections; whereas vinyl is more flexible and can result in unevenness during installation. 

To see all of our WPC flooring options visit our Contract Carpet One showroom today or email Chris Moline, our General Manager of Retail Sales 

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